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Conflict Resolution from a Buddhist perspective

it is extremely necessary to emphasize that Buddhism does not permit violence and war under any circumstances and there is nothing that can be called a “just war” according to Buddhism – which is only a false term used to justify and excuse hatred, cruelty, violence and massacre.

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See how lucky you are!

One may think the animal world is very nice just by looking at it. But the inside story is very different. They can’t say the things they want to say. Most of the time they are starving, they have no shelter, no safety or affection. They don’t have those basic needs that any being requires. Fortunately, this person was not born there.

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The Land of the Buddha – Dambadiva

Dambadiva is a land that is been worshiped by millions of Buddhists every day. It is the heart of all Buddhists. There is no other land in the world that can match the holiness of Dambadiva. People all over the world visit Dambadiva to experience the spirituality of this land.

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A Life Strengthened by Truth

By understanding the nature of this life, we can relieve ourselves from major tormenting moments. Only a person who could see the truth of this life and starts to think according to the ways that the Supreme Buddha taught, will be able to face such moments without pain.

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Benefits of Metta

Metta makes the mind free of anger (vyapada) - which is one of powerful hindrances that prevent the mind becoming concentrated; thereby helping the mind to become serene. One can easily concentrate the mind, which has achieved serenity through Metta, on any of the meditation objects taught by the Buddha.

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Plan Big & Plan Small

However, planning and achieving worldly things like weddings, vacations are rather easy than achieving success in Dhamma. You might start with great enthusiasm, but you might forget or lose the energy in few days or weeks, Or you might get so busy with other work that seems so important. Know this as a fact. It happens to almost everyone.

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The Great Opportunity and a Single Life in a Foreign Country

On the other hand, a person living a single life in a foreign country has a great opportunity to practice Dhamma. He is free from family bonds which free him from many responsibilities and commitments. Apart from few get-togethers with colleagues and friends, he has more time for himself.

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Do not be late. Time goes fast

“Life brings death. There is a very little time to live. There is no safe heaven for beings whose death is brought upon them by deterioration. One who sees this fear that brings by the death has to let go of worldly pleasures with the intention of realizing Nibbana.”

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Every Little Helps

If we don’t change the way we live and the way we use the environment, our future or the future of our planet will be disastrous. You may well think that protecting the environment is a responsibility of the government or the people with higher authorities.

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