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A task for those who are tough

It’s easy to be angry over many different things
million reasons trigger anger in you hence
shouting and cursing and acting so wild
you think you are ‘tough’ and show anger outright.

We always think it is the other one’s fault
make us angry with their ways and their talks
We often ask ‘why can’t they change?’
that’s the biggest error we do again and again.

Have you ever met someone who has no enemy?
no one who averse or no one who blames?
So it’s not just you who is targeted to blame
all around you too suffer in their own ways.

Anger throws us into a great misery sad
harsh words flow in at a rate like mad
We lose our sense of what’s good and what’s bad
anger takes away all our goodness so fast.

When something doesn’t work the way you would want
when irony grins at you more than you want
getting angry is the easy way out we sought
that’s what we knew to do, to win our enemy for long.

If you can see wisely your true enemy
What or who damages you very unkindly
Cruel, cold, ruthless, never leaves you to be
‘anger of yours’ is your ‘enemy’ truthfully.

Once you can recognize this truth of wise
the intelligent will want to abolish its rise
many ways are exposed crystal and bright
by the Sage who abolished anger roots fine.

When anger rouses in, change your thoughts
Think of dreadful results that it could cause
Stop thinking about whatever makes you mad
Or reflect on its emerge, what caused its stand.

Practice loving kindness whenever you are free
Tell yourself that ‘I will not get angry’
Beat it down crush it with great awareness
Have faith this is the way keep doing it.

It is not easy, oh no, it is very hard
It is a constant battle you win and you lose
It takes a tough person solid as a rock
So, if you are ‘tough’, this is your task!

Prajapathi Wijesinghe

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