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Precious Present

The Present is the time associated with the events perceived directly, not as a recollection (Past) or a speculation (Future)
It is the period of time between the Past and the Future
I wrote this in Past – you started reading it in Past – you read ‘these words’ at Present
Each moment in Future becomes the Present, Each moment in the Present become the Past
This happens instantaneously at a speed at which nobody can measure
Past is recalled using memory – Future is speculated using mind based on the Past and the Present
Past can be recalled and written – Future can be speculated and written – Present cannot be written
Past is gone – Future has not come – we are left only with the Present
Past is certain – Future is uncertain – but the Present can be managed
There is nothing we can do about the Past
There is very little that we can do about the Future, which is uncertain
Hence, there is no point in worrying about Past or dreaming about Future, at the Present
It is only the Present that can be and has to be made use of to achieve our objectives
Hence, the most Precious moment is the Present

All the feelings such as sadness and happiness occur only at Present
All the deeds (kamma), whether good or bad, are accumulated at Present
Spreading of loving-kindness can only be done at Present
One needs to refrain from unwholesome acts at Present
The precepts are to be preserved at Present
Learning the Dhamma can only be done at Present
Practicing of mindfulness can only be done at Present
Attaining tranquility can only be done at Present
Dhamma can be realized only at Present, not in the Past or in the Future
Most of our problems would be resolved, if we can concentrate on and manage the Precious Present
Past cannot be changed – but the Present is
Future cannot be changed – unless the Present is
Let us not waste this Precious Present, but use it to realize the Noble Truths

by Mohan Senaratne

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