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Danger of not knowing

All of us know about their unfortunate action and the result because of our great teacher the Gautama Buddha. The Buddha taught us the only way to protect ourselves from doing such reckless actions or bad Karma is to be a disciple of “Samma Ditthi”.

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One of the most famous of the Indo-Greek kings of Gandhara was Menander, also called Melinda, who ruled from about 160 to 130 BCE. He rebuilt Taxila and Pushkalavati. He became a Buddhist and is remembered in Buddhists records due to his discussions with a great Buddhist philosopher, Nāgasena, in the book Milinda Panha.

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The Virtues of the Buddha

My teacher, oh Buddha – destroyed anger, Eradicated ignorance – crushed away the greed, Pleasant is the mind pure – Supreme to all Thus, the Budhha is – Araham, venerate the worlds.

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Noble Triple Gem is the greatest blessing

There is absolutely no way of averting this danger without going for refuge in the Noble Triple Gem. If someone gets the opportunity to go for refuge in the Triple Gem, knowing the actual meaning of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha that is the greatest blessing one can have in this life.

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A Rare Moment

A Buddhist knows the suffering that one experiences is due to the impermanent nature of life. In fact only Buddhists are fortunate to know the concept of merit and its immense help for someone wanting to be free from Samsara.

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Beyond Darkness…

There is a reason - for everything to be Nothing happens without a cause - that’s the reality When cause ceases away - effect ends to be That is the teaching - of the Buddha ever Supreme.

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Conflict Resolution from a Buddhist perspective

it is extremely necessary to emphasize that Buddhism does not permit violence and war under any circumstances and there is nothing that can be called a “just war” according to Buddhism – which is only a false term used to justify and excuse hatred, cruelty, violence and massacre.

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See how lucky you are!

One may think the animal world is very nice just by looking at it. But the inside story is very different. They can’t say the things they want to say. Most of the time they are starving, they have no shelter, no safety or affection. They don’t have those basic needs that any being requires. Fortunately, this person was not born there.

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