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Towards a secured life…

if we want to be comfortable and happy in our next life we need to take wealth with us. What wealth can we take to our next life? It is the wealth of ‘merits’ we collect during this lifetime.

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How to be happy here and hereafter…

The Supreme Buddha, seer of all worlds, saw with His divine eye – Chutupapatha Gana – how beings pass away and reappear. As if a man of good eyesight, standing in between two households with doors, would see people entering and leaving the houses and wandering out and about, the Supreme Buddha saw beings moving from one life to another.

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When You’re Gone…

No one can change my confidence in our great teacher, the Supreme Buddha. No one can convince me that there exists another Dhamma that leads to True Happiness. No one can change the pleasant mind I have for the Sangha.

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The supreme Sanga

The Supreme Buddha taught us the qualities of the great Sangha with a great compassion towards us, so that we could gain merits by thinking and chanting these qualities, and follow such life patterns and free ourselves from suffering by adding those qualities to our lives as well.

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The Correct Method of Cleansing

Every hurtful action, gesture, word or thought that is generated, is generated in an unclean mind. A small gesture carried out with an impure mind can lead to great evil ends.

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Is our science advanced ?

This would now lead the human race to believe, whether or not any life indeed could exist in those planets? Over the years, the technology has advanced, yet we wonder why we have failed to discover any life beyond our mother Earth.

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What triggers sadness in you? Anything that is distasteful, disgustful and hurtful that can be seen, heard, taste, smell or touch makes you sad.

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Dhamma The Safeguard Against Violence

Violence, regardless of the cause, regardless of ‘in whose name’ and regardless of the reason, is wrong. Unfortunately, violence has become inevitable in today’s world. People have become divided based on nationality, religion, caste, wealth and also on political affiliation.

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