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What triggers sadness in you? Anything that is distasteful, disgustful and hurtful that can be seen, heard, taste, smell or touch makes you sad.

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Dhamma The Safeguard Against Violence

Violence, regardless of the cause, regardless of ‘in whose name’ and regardless of the reason, is wrong. Unfortunately, violence has become inevitable in today’s world. People have become divided based on nationality, religion, caste, wealth and also on political affiliation.

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Frugal life pattern for success!

Most of us always complain about making the ends meet. I bet there are many unnecessary spending that unbalance our budget. Following a high cost living pattern, to keep up with your neighbor, friend or enemy, doesn’t help us balance our budget at all.

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A task for those who are tough

We always think it is the other one’s fault. make us angry with their ways and their talks. We often ask ‘why can’t they change?’. that’s the biggest error we do again and again.

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Danger of not knowing

All of us know about their unfortunate action and the result because of our great teacher the Gautama Buddha. The Buddha taught us the only way to protect ourselves from doing such reckless actions or bad Karma is to be a disciple of “Samma Ditthi”.

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One of the most famous of the Indo-Greek kings of Gandhara was Menander, also called Melinda, who ruled from about 160 to 130 BCE. He rebuilt Taxila and Pushkalavati. He became a Buddhist and is remembered in Buddhists records due to his discussions with a great Buddhist philosopher, Nāgasena, in the book Milinda Panha.

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The Virtues of the Buddha

My teacher, oh Buddha – destroyed anger, Eradicated ignorance – crushed away the greed, Pleasant is the mind pure – Supreme to all Thus, the Budhha is – Araham, venerate the worlds.

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Noble Triple Gem is the greatest blessing

There is absolutely no way of averting this danger without going for refuge in the Noble Triple Gem. If someone gets the opportunity to go for refuge in the Triple Gem, knowing the actual meaning of the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha that is the greatest blessing one can have in this life.

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