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Be Better…

What we hear from media and what we see in the society affirms one fact; a sharp decline in human qualities. Compared to the past, we have advanced in technology and comforts.

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Lokavabodha Sutta

Bhikkhus, from the night when the Tathãgata awakened to unsurpassed Supreme Enlightment untill the night when the Tathãgata passes away in to Nibbãna; with nothing remaining, whatever the Tathãgata speaks, utters, and explains, all that is just so, and not otherwise.

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End of another year… look back…!

What about yourself? Your appearance; you became one year older than in the previous year, and has that brought about any change in your looks? And if you had accidents or operations that probably have changed you.

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The Society and I…

Then again, a person of no integrity, when asked, does not reveal another person's good points. When asked, when pressed with questions, he does not speak of another person's good points in full and in detail. Instead he omits good points and holds back.

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There is no point in worrying about what others do or say, since, more often than not, people act and talk ignorantly without considering the impact on others. Further, we may be getting hurt as a result of our own misdeeds in this life or past lives.

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Exploring the truth in life

We have been born in to this world as humans. Within this short period of time, you may have many hopes, expectations & goals in your lives regarding education, job, marriage, family, children, etc. Have you ever been able to fulfill all of them as you wish or do you come across any obstacles or difficulties in reaching them?

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